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#101  "Parisian Luxury Back Home"
Paris, France - Bill Stubbs checks into the former grand Parisian home that is now the Saint James Hotel, and explores the little-known Maison Baccarat Museum and the largest flea market in the world, the Marché aux Puces de Saint-Quen, where he finds an endless array of inspirations for application throughout his townhouse in Houston. He then shows viewers how to enjoy their own "taste of Paris" at home with a Paris-inspired dessert.

#102   "A Day in the Country: From Old England to New England"
Chesham, England/Perryville, Rhode Island - Bill takes us from Old England to New England. He visits the 1790 home/antique shop and cottage garden of his friend in the charming village of Chesham in Buckinghamshire, England. Bill also learns more about his favorite blue and white china from Antiques Roadshow expert, Eric Knowles. He celebrates New England style — from sizzling jonnycakes to classic cars — at the 17th century Perry homestead in Perryville, RI, which houses a magical Japanese garden where we enjoy a quiet moment of luxury..

#103  "Modern Classics: Texas-style Luxuries"

Houston, Texas - Bill gives a personal tour of his beloved hometown, Houston, illustrating the Texas-style luxury of its theatres and classic neighborhoods. Plus, we peek at one of Bill's "works in progress," a total home renovation for a modern Texas family with New England roots. Finally, Bill welcomes his daughter Courtney home to help her select her wedding dress.

#104  "The Latin Tradition of Handmade Luxury"
San Miguel de Allende, Mexico - Bill travels to the heart of Mexico, San Miguel de Allende, founded in 1565. The colonial city's cathedrals, haciendas, cobblestone streets and open-air markets are the backdrop for traditional artisans of all kinds. Bill visits a friend back in Houston who has incorporated wonderful artifacts from San Miguel into her home, and explains how to integrate travel discoveries into daily life.

#105  "Secrets and Sources of an Interior Designer"

New York, New York - For many people New York City is all about grand scale; but for a designer, the city is about the details. Bill visits his favorite architectural salvage emporium and an old world linen shop that specializes in custom embroidery. He meets renowned fellow designer Alexa Hampton, who shares her secret source for exquisite craftsmanship in draperies and upholstery.

#106  "Behind the Scenes at a Designer Showroom"
Dania, Florida - Bill goes behind-the-scenes at the Design Center of America (DCOTA) for the Winter Market, an event that brings together both aspiring and established designers. Offering an exclusive look inside the showrooms, Bill demonstrates how to create an elegant space using simple and accessible materials. Bill encourages some undiscovered design talent waiting in line at Architectural Digest's Designer Open Audition and interviews the premier authority on design, Architectural Digest's eminent editor-in-chief, Paige Rense.

#107  "Living with History"
Blenheim Palace, England - Lady Henrietta Spencer Churchill, the daughter of the Duke of Marlborough, gives Bill a private tour of her ancestral home, Blenheim Palace, one of the most famous in England, a Baroque masterpiece. Bill admires the portrait gallery and the magnificent tapestries adorning the Palace walls, which have inspired him to create his own interpretations at home in Houston.

#108  "America's Castles: The First Gilded Age"
Newport, Rhode Island − Bill visits the grand Newport summer cottages of the Vanderbilt Family and other magnates of the Gilded Age, an era of extreme wealth and extravagance. Bill and his friend, renowned party planner Bryan Rafanelli, transform an ordinary dining room into a luxurious space for entertaining inspired by the Gilded Age.

##109  "Northwest Style: Fresh and Natural"
Seattle and Washington Wine Country - Whether it's seafood, coffee, architecture or design, Seattle, where the high mountains meet Puget Sound, is all about a fresh approach. Bill tastes some local specialties at Pike's market, the oldest farmer's market in the U.S. and brings some fresh ingredients to inspire the chef at the Chateau Ste. Michelle vineyard. There, Bill discovers the art of pairing wine with different food. He also visits a stunning modern, eco-friendly house overlooking Lake Washington.

#110  "Palm Beach Classic"
Palm Beach, Florida - Bill traces the elegant resort's history, from the early 1900s, when American tycoon and Florida East Coast Railway founder Henry Flagler extended his railroad to the area, putting Palm Beach on the map. Bill also explores the city's lifestyle, highlighting the way its natural beauty influences Palm Beach design, from Flagler's Estate, Whitehall, and other mansions to the Brazilian Court Hotel and the grounds of the American Orchid Society.

#111  "Modern Meets Incan"
Lima, Peru - Bill visits Lima's magnificent historic sites and discovers the lasting influence of the Incas on modern day Peru. Peruvian contemporary artisans and designers honor their Incan and pre-Columbian roots in creating some of the world's most fascinating art, textiles, jewelry, modern architecture and food.

#112  "Western Life"
Houston, Texas - Bill saddles up and hits the Salt Grass Trail, where old Texas traditions meet modern luxury, on his way to the world's largest rodeo held every year in Houston. Bill gets fitted for a perfectly "sculpted" cowboy hat and shows viewers how to easily incorporate equestrian and western elements into their own home décor.

#113  "Celebrations"
New York, New York - It's time to celebrate! Bill creates a dramatic table setting from scratch for a major New York benefit. As his own family celebration -- his daughter Courtney's wedding -- is fast approaching, Bill takes Courtney furniture shopping for her new apartment. He also celebrates some of the marvelous people and places which have inspired him this season on Moment of Luxury.

I watched this show for the first time. Very interesting. What wedding dress did his daughter buy?
By Sally Bowen

Enjoyed the show...which wedding dress was selected? Can't find anything on the site although address was noted on the TV. Thank you.
By Joyce Chorbajian

We love the show & look forward to each one. However, we couldn't find it this past Monday night on PBS. What happened? Also, will there be another chance to view the San Miguel episode as we will miss todays showing.
By Cathey Merrill

We would like to receive the schedule of the program. Thank you!
By claude

Bill, your show(like your design work) is excellent.
By Bob Mitchell

By jan higgins

I would like to find out when the show is on. I would like to see the show about San Miguel de Allende. Thanks!
By Gina Quintana

I love watching this show. I also missed the one about San Miguel but watched it online. The one on Houston was great-I tried out the cupcake shop and it was wonderful.
By Ginger Hanning

I have requested information on when this show is on, and have not received an answer. Nowhere in your website do you list day and time of show. I would really like to watch it if I could get that information. Thanks
By Gina Quintana

Will this show be coming to dish network?
By sherry saladrigas

Hi, I'm going to Amsterdam for several weeks this summer. I've spent a fair amount of time there and know about things like the Albert Kippe MArget and flower market. Do you know of other special shops with unique gifts or accessories in or around A'dam? What is your favorite restaurant? Have you ever been to the Wind Mill in Amstelveen?
By M Early

Could you please send me the schedule of broadcast. My zip is 02568
By Lynne Bruno

Bill: Thank you so much for featuring my native city of Lima. A friend told me about your program on PBS, but I don't have the schedule for "A Moment of Luxury". I would appreciate some feedback so I can look forward to watching it. Lima is truly an incredible city where you will enjoy many moments of for exquisite clothing in alpaca and lovely gold jewelry, dining on world-class cuisine or being welcomed and pampered by smiley waiters, even in the simplest of restaurants. If I
By Danmar

Hi Bill! I would like to know how can i do to get a copy of number 111 (lima, Peru). Thank you!!!!
By Paul

I would like a schedule of when the shows are on in my postal code of 92029 in San Diego
By Connie Overton

What wedding dress did your daughter finally get? Can not find it on the web.
By sandra

Hola Bill! I would like to know when the shows are on my city Groton, CT My husband and I just went to Peru last winter. We would love to see your show. Thanks, Claudia
By Claudia Schkeeper

When is the program on Lima scheduled on Cbs? thank you!
By Maña

As an Interior Designer now living in Palm Beach, and a native Rhode Islander, enjoyed the shows on R.I. and Palm Beach.
By Franya Kolodz

I am a native "limeña" living in Maryland and would love to see episode #111. Please tell me when is it scheduled for and would it be on PBS? Thanks,
By cecilia redmond

All my family is anxious to watch your episode #111. Please let us know when we will be able to watch in South Florida. Thanks.
By Mario Manrique

All my family is anxious to watch your episode #111. Please let us know when we will be able to watch in South Florida. Thanks.
By Mario Manrique

Love the show!!!!
By Patricia Holub

Times in Michigan, Channel 56.
By norman cure

I enjoy the program and our own Houstonian Mr. Stubbs. The programs mention that you can find the recipes on the website but I can't find them. Can you suggest how we did that? Great work! Donna
By Donna Jablecki

I was watching your show #112 and you told about finding your families land deed in Texas and that it can be researched online. Can you please give me that email address? I would love to find my family's deeds. We are originally from Texas.
By Mark Holt

I was watching your show #112 and you told about finding your families land deed in Texas and that it can be researched online. Can you please give me that email address? I would love to find my family's deeds. We are originally from Texas.
By Mark Holt

Hi, Just watched your show for the first time, "Gilded Age", and I am hooked. I would like to become an event decorator one day, so the segments about table decoration gave me more great ideas if I ever reach my goal! Great show! Looking forward to future episodes....
By Leanette Horne

You can just see the loving person Bill Stubbs is, he simply radiates a gracious soul. I was trying to find the area this website that showed the Wedding Dress his daughter eventually chose but could not? Please advise where to look! Thank you for a great show.
By Rebecca Litz

Hi Bill, It is so refreshing to have a program like yours on television. You display such creativity and knowledge with class. I look forward to your new episodes each week. Can you tell me when the new seasons episodes will be available on the Internet? I am especially interested in your visit to Canada. Thank you again for sharing your passion for decorating with us.
By Maryann Hartzell

First time viewerand enjoyed it greatly. I watched the sigment from Lima. How can I get the actual presentation? I would like me daughter to see it. Shy spent some time in Lima. Thank you
By Steve Boven

Have discovered Moment of Luxury on absolutely wonderful show. I must have the recipe for the Mango Tart that was on show 111? How do I get it? Thank you ever so much.
By Tess Nesser

saw that one episode will contain oldtime Galveston Hotels, which episode willthat be, Family lives near there.
By T. Miller


Excellent program!
By martina tundidor

Hello Bill, We enjoyed your program of 11/8. How do we get more info on Dragon Hill Toys, NY & Toy manufacturer in Smithvill, TX? Thanks, Alvie and Carol Etheredge, Luling, Texas.
By Alvie Etheredge

Hello, I would like to know when your show airs on PBS with 76107 zip, your box on homepage didn't seem to work. Many thanks!
By Mary Katherine Nolan

Hello Bill, I love your show and ideas and hope to see many more.
By Virginia Ann


The Palm Beach home was fascinating, and to think it was built in 18 months!
By jeff geisler

Great show !The house you did in Houston is fabulous.Thanks for sharing
By robert kornblum


The TV show said we could find out more about the dresses your daughter tried on and see which one she selected. where where? :)
By jloubelle

I want to thank you for all of your shows. I really like a couple of shows. Your show here number 110 about Palm Beach, Florida. I think that was lovely. And show number 104 about your visit to San Miguel. That was nice. Please continue to educated us about the different and beautiful styles of luxury. And congratulations on your daughter's wedding. Once again, thank for your shows. I look forward to you traveling and educating us more.
By Lee Mays

I became an avid fan after the first show, but regretably our local PBS stations are spending so very much time raising money I've only seen one show of season two! Are you on NC PBS stations, if so I'll try to get our local cable channel to carry NCETV so I can again watch, keep up the great work!
By Pat Ruff


I would like to receive the schedule of yuor PBS appearances. I watched a show 12/29/09 in Austin, Tx. and loved it! About wine and appetizers... Would it be repeated? Thanks, LB-H
By Laura Brito-Hazelton

How can I get into the recipes. thank you John
By John

when will the show about The Berkshires be airing?
By Jessica Bemis

Wonderful program! I was fortunate to stumble onto it this early afternoon on KVCR. Is there a way to see the shows again if you have missed... Thank you for a brilliant program.
By Sharon

I was watching the show today when you visited Galveston TX, Episode #210, and was interested if you have a list of all of the buildings you showed, as well as all of the historic homes in galveston? Thank you, I enjoy your program
By Jonathan Markloff

I recently came across the show. I became an instant fan, your statement of moment of luxury is very southernly gentle. We may not have the means to procure, but enjoy those stolen moments with vigor
By Debra

What a gracious and informative host! Love the show and the detailed information.It gives me ideas. Thanks!
By Daniel

I salute you for your creativity in producing a very entertaining show without the use of violence, four- letter words, or sex. Your program today (Thursday, March 25) provided a segment featuring a property located in West Cornwall, CT. During that segment a solo guitar played background music. Would you please send me the names of the piece and the performer who was playing it. Thank you very much.
By ted kobrin

I salute you for your creativity in producing a very entertaining show without the use of violence, four- letter words, or sex. Your program today (Thursday, March 25) provided a segment featuring a property located in West Cornwall, CT. During that segment a solo guitar played background music. Would you please send me the names of the piece and the performer who was playing it. Thank you very much.
By ted kobrin

I'm looking for 'the dress'. Which one did she choose?
By Barbara

My 15 year old saw the title of this show & instantly thought that it was hoity-toity and completely unrelated to our meager lifestyle. How wonderful that she soon realized (as I had earlier) that Bill's show is about finding luxury in every day things, not just a garden sculpture or fountain but an embroidered napkin, a fork handle, the drape of a curtain, the shape of a building or a piece of cheese on a crust of bread (something seen on even the poorest tables). I wasn’t surprised when my dau
By Trish

Thanks for the whitewash of mission history.
By Stacy

My moment is when I hear bill's cheerful voice and accent and I know I can sit for a while and watch a tasteful and enjoyable show. I can be sure I will love each episode.
By Kristina monaco

My moment is when I hear bill's cheerful voice and accent and I know I can sit for a while and watch a tasteful and enjoyable show. I can be sure I will love each episode.
By Kristina monaco

I'm charmed. Thank you, Bill.
By mimerick

Bill, What a wonderful time I had spending with you and your episode of Bunny Williams' gorgeous home and gardens. Your are such a sincere, appreciative classy gentleman. Only best wishes for you.
By Brett Wm. Cooper

I love the TV program, Aug. 3, on Edith Wharton. Is there a place that shows the table decoration with a rose centerpiece over a round mirror? Also is her book ""Decoration of Houses" availabel please. Thank you, Elva
By Elva Putnam

Love this show, and Bill Stubbs. Try to catch it when ever i can. Beautiful gardens and homes. Just watching the show is a moment of luxury. Thank you.
By marilyncarroll

Please add my email to your notification list. Zip code 77410. Thanks
By Sharon James

All class and classic! Forget the design on a dime. Give me real design to treasure a life time.
By Rebecca B

LOVE your program. Hopefully, you will produce many more! In the latest program I saw, you visited a young man in NY who had created what you referred to as a "jewel box" of a room. Rather than installing crown moldings, he used paint to create the effect of moldings. I would like to see a photo of the room to study it, OR, if you can tell me when that program will air again in my area, I will record it. Your assistance will be greatly appreciated.
By R. Hale

My zip code is 90232 and I can't find your show currently. Help!

I watched the show on Bill's trip to the Edith Wharton home. Truly a hidden gem. I traveled there in October and truly loved the expeirence of her home and her gardens. I recommend this adventure but make sure you go in the spring and summer. It was rather cold on the day that I went, but it was well worth the cold weather to view this lovely home and learn all about Edith Wharton. by Joan Reichstein
By Joan Reichstein

How may I order a copy of Episode 111 on Lima, Peru - I have heard so many wonderful comments that I would very much like to see it. Thank you, Maria Born in Lima, Peru
By Maria R. Fuentes

how can i find more info on the jewelry designer/friend who was on the episode on san miguel de allende...the latin tradition of hand made etc.
By janice hawkins

Love your show and all the wonderful information. Especially the shows from England. Could you do a show on the Cotswolds, or Germany or Scotland. Would also like to see a show featuring Denmark or Norway or Sweden. Keep up the good work. Looking forward to many more shows. Jeanne Hall
By Jeanne Hall

I live in a historic home and greatly love and appreciate your passion for design and architecture. Your program will always top my list of gracious presentation of people, properties and places, of historical interest.
By Irene Dolansky

I would like to know which dress your daughter chose. Also, I would like to see episode 113 and their apartment. Can't find the info. Otherwise, great show!
By Mela B

Love your shows, ideas & uplifting spirit. Thanks! I tried to get #104 new Mexico showing glass blowing, old doors, patios
By beth

Paris episode: How did you mount that antique fireback on the wall above your stove? Help!!!
By Walter Wade

I can not find the schedule for the show on Create TV, WLIW nor 13.I love the show and want to see it evenings and/or weekends weekends.Thank you.
By Carolyn Norris

I can not find the schedule for the show on PBS Ch.8(KUHT-TV) in Houston, TX
By Teresa

All my family in Lima, Peru wants to watch episode 111. Thank you
By Elva Botton

How can I order or where do I go to watch your episode on Lima Peru. I am from Lima and have heard what a lovely and fair report you did on Lima. I would like to share it with my Peruvian friends here in USA and keep it for myself as this is (from what I hear) the very first time my beautiful Lima is done justice and featured. Peru is so much more than Cuzco or another Incan or archeological site.
By Roxana Cruz


...Dear Anna i heard the news. the guy used the bridge notrewk so the guy have to pay only S$12,000.10:34 AM, December 22, 2011//14 ?? ?? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ?? ? ?? ? ?? ??? ? ? ?? ?? ?? ? ? ? ? ?? . ?? ? ? ? ? ? ?? ?? ? ??? ? ? ?? ? ? . ? ? ? 12 ?? ?? ? ? ? 12 ?? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? , ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? 12 ?? ?? ? ? ?? ? ? ? ?? ? ? ? ? ? ?? ? ? ? .
By Szilveszter


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